Follow Your Bliss July 15 2014

This is a hot topic of debate in our house at the moment. Finding the balance between following your bliss and financial freedom and stability. As much as we (me especially) would like to just spend all day everyday on top of a mountain doing Yoga and meditating that unfortunately does not pay the bills, put food on the table or clothe my children.

Finding a balance between what the heart wants and what the body of this world needs is difficult and for some perhaps impossible in this lifetime. We often push aside our dreams of a better life and focus just on the immediate week or day of haves, wants and needs. So how do we move past this and closer towards the life of our dreams?

Baby steps.....

Take one small step each day or week towards the kind of life we have always wanted. If it's starting a business of your own then perhaps enrol in that small business course by correspondence and make the time to re-educate yourself. If you have always dreamed of being a photographer - get your camera out and start taking pictures. The life you have dreamed of, the Bliss that you wish to follow requires action! Simply dreaming of a better life for yourself is not enough, you must step towards it!

Quitting your day job and running off to join the Circus works for some but not most, so just take baby steps - give yourself a daily, weekly or monthly activity and follow through. Keep chipping away, and you will be sure to find the perfect balance of Bliss and need.

Keep that end goal in sight, put your shoes on and start walking.....