True North Heading South? January 29 2015

When your world is turned inside out and upside down – when all of your true North’s seem to be heading south, take a breath and stop trying to swim against the current. Yoga teaches us to let go of our expectations and limitations and just go with the flow of the breath.

Sitting on the precipice feeling like I am about to begin another chapter of this adventure, this passage is ringing true, very loud and clear at the moment. But it can be applied to absolutely every aspect of your life. Work, family, love, health – at some stage you just have to surrender, get off your soap box, soften your disposition and let the water take you wherever it may. Who knows it could be a tropical island paradise???? You may be missing out on it because you are too busy looking for the life raft instead of rolling over, floating on your back and enjoying the ride. We spend so much time focusing on the destination that we think we want to get to that we forget that there is a bigger picture, we miss the sign posts and ultimately end up somewhere we didn’t want to be, often back tracking to ‘heal’, re-telling that same old story, in order to ‘move on’. And when it’s all said and done all we have accomplished is to waste our energy and potentially implode the very situation or circumstance we were trying to control.

The way out of or around this?? Get centred, get grounded and stop sweating the small stuff. Step into the flow –if something seems too hard it usually is, and is usually not the right thing for you in that moment. I am not talking about giving up, letting go of your dreams or becoming a waste of space. I am talking about reassessing your options, being discerning and knowing that just because an opportunity is presented to you doesn’t mean you have to take it. Let your heart guide you.

Yoga gives us this heart centred approach, it allows us to stop long enough to hear the voice within -To allow the bubbles of desire to rise to the surface and find constructive ways of expending our precious energy and potential. In essence - to go with the flow of life. When you learn to trust and do this you will find a whole new world opened up to you. A world that is full of vibrancy, renewed energy and enthusiasm. So much more becomes available to you because you stop wasting your energy and time in areas that aren’t productive for you, you stop having conversations that are ‘out of politeness,’ the same conversations that have been leading you in circles for years. You find a new level of friendship with those that are truly positive in your life and those that are negative get left behind. You are able to find clarity where none was before and are able to let go where you couldn’t. Yoga helps us to get out of our heads and be truly present in the moment, something that is rare in this day when we are busy looking to ‘learn’ from the past in order to ‘plan’ for the future, all the while missing out on the ‘now’.

So next time you feel that your life is beginning to spiral –
return to the mat, instead of spending hours researching and worrying and fretting over an issue, find some peace instead. Allow the peace to wash over you and the answers to come when you find your centre. Sometimes we have already been given the answer, but we were so busy swimming against the raging current that we could not see or hear it.

As always in life – return to the mat.
Enjoy your journey……