Stepping into the Flow March 27 2015

Close your eyes and imagine that you are floating in an endless sea. In your minds eye see yourself fully supported, peaceful and calm - not matter how much you exhale and relax the warm water beneath you will not allow you to sink. Feel the gentle current guiding you and taking you... if you roll over and struggle against the current your body tires and you risk taking the water into your lungs, sinking, sinking. So see yourself allowing this endless sea to carry you to wherever and whatever it is that you and only you are destined to see and be.
This is the beginning of a meditation i frequently use in my classes. This image describes what it is like to step into the flow of life, to allow yourself to be guided, to stop fighting against the current and allow life to take it's course. This dosen't mean that you should give up your power and allow others or circumstance to take advantage of you. It doesn't mean that you don't still use your motivation and momentum to create your reality. What it means is that when you are in the flow, things are easy, things turn out in your favour and if they don't it doesn't matter to you because you feel balanced and like in the water completely supported. We are all destined to be happy, but for some of us 'we' are our own biggest obstacle. To step into the flow means to (as a dear friend of mine was recently told) 'step up on the stage', stop getting in your own way, stop allowing fear to dictate your decisions and know that you will eventually achieve the things you set out for if not better because you do not allow yourself to doubt! Stepping into the flow means to live a balanced life without regret, without fear of failure and with a quiet confidence knowing that joy, compassion and love are who you are and as long as you ride the waves they are who you will always be.
So try stepping outside your box today, dare to dream, look for the path of least resistance and allow life to flow through you!
Happy travels, Namaste,