Vision March 13 2015

In today's world we have some to expect a certain amount of 'stuff' - Cars, houses, clothes, food, toys, T.V's, jewlery etc. We have come to expect that at some stage in our lives all of this will just happen for us. Spoilt for choice and living in a blessed country, there is also an expectation that we probably won't have to work that hard to achieve any of these things. This however, can't be further from the truth, only now at the tail end of what has been a very trying time in the world's economic history are we starting to grasp the concepts of savings, being frugal and planning for the future not just living in the now. If you want things in this life you do have to work towards them, create a vision and strive for the best that life has to offer you. But most importantly we all need to practice Sentosha - contentment. Being content with the here and now, knowing that each moment in your journey is just as important as the next. If we constantly strive for tommorrow and promise ourselves that we will be happy when... guess what tommorrow never comes and neither does the when.
So today, sit down and create a vision for yourself, create a board of pictures representing all of the things that you desire for yourself, a daily reminder. Put positive steps in motion that allow you to travel toward these things and be content with what you have for the moment.
Create a vision, share your vision and move towards that vision. Put some energy in motion and dream big!