It is better to be kind than to be right... March 20 2015

Harsh words are held forever in the ear of the listener is something that my Yoga teacher says on a regular basis. And for me her words hold true - i think back now to the times in my life (particularly the school years) when i had said something out of emotion that caused another person to feel pain too. We all know what that feels like - to be on the other end of a conversation that serves no purpose other than to make you feel as bad as the other person does. Seemingly small encounters for one person often are the catalyst for much later change or behaviours in another. Unfortunatly in the busy world we live in, under high stress and tension, compassion for another is no longer our defult setting, we are taught to be right and stand in our power no matter what the cost to others and as a result to ourselves. The fall out of some such confrontations lasting years and having ripple effects across whole generations. When all that really matters in the end is that you acted with integrity and that you were kind in the process, if things don't go your way, it dosen't mean you lay down and take it but it also dosen't give you the right to unload your grief on someone else.

There are only two kinds of energy in the world and two kinds of interaction - either healing or harming, if you are not helping to heal the people you interact with you are harming them. For example, a healing act may be as simple as a smile, hug, compliment, positive exchange of ideas, recognition of anothers talent, saying "i love you". A harming act may be rudeness, harsh words, indifference, mean thoughts or actions, inappropriate expression of your emotions. 

Following the Yogic observances of right action and right speech help to guild us and act only in healing ways. Consider to yourself before you express yourself - is there a way in which i can deliver this information that will not harm those who recieve it? Is there a way in which i can deliver this information that will aid these people to heal?
Compassion and forgiveness are the key to contentment - allow yourself the gift of kindness and notice how different it makes you feel.