Starting at the beginning January 30 2015

As always every story has a beginning. Every journey starts somewhere and everyone starts someplace. This week i was reminded of my own beginnings, the first steps on my own Yoga journey and what it is like for those who have never tried Yoga before...
For some the thought of sitting in a class that tells you to tie yourself up in knots is absurd. For some the thought of 'not being able to do it' is terrifying. As much as you can be told what to expect, each class is different, each teacher is different and even teachers within the same style can be complete opposites. Yoga is such a personal journey it is important to find a teacher that resonates with you and a class that makes your heart sing, your soul soar and your body hum!
When first starting a Yoga class it is so important to remember that unless you are double jointed and can claim to be a gymnast or contortionist as a profession you are not going to be able to do everything 'right' the first time around. It is important to remember that Yoga is a journey and there is no actual destination, each asana presents it's own challenges and even after you have physically conquered it then there is still more to learn.
The hardest part of any Yoga journey is leaving your ego at the door. The ego causes us to push and strive to be better than the person next to us. It pushes us to feel 'wounded' when our body won't do what we want it to do. It is the only thing holding us back from actually practicing Yoga. The Union that is sought and achieved in Yoga is only achieved once the ego has been allowed to leave the room. The ego is what causes us to 'hurt' ourselves - to work beyond our limitations and to leave feeling frustrated and angry.
So, if you have never tried Yoga before or if you are feeling frustrated with your progression - let go, leave the ego behind, be grateful for what you have, are and will be and just enjoy your own journey. This is the whole point - as in Yoga as in life - enjoy your own journey.