Happiness vs. Wealth February 06 2015 1 Comment

Is it a matter of happiness vs. wealth or can one have both? It seems to me that there are really three types of people in this world
- those that are in search of 'happiness'
- those that are in search of 'wealth'
- those that are seemingly unphased (indifferent?) by the notion of a 'search' for either and seem to be doing just fine
In the search for happiness those of us who are following this path obviously believe that the universe will provide for us and that if you are following your heart and your vision then finances will also follow - it seems like a win win to me.
Those that are searching for 'wealth' seem to be consumed by the idea that if only they could accumulate enough money (who knows how much enough actually is) then they will finally be happy. This in itself is plagued with problems - you become a 'tommorrow' person. I will be happy when i do this, i will be happy after i get this, i will be happy when i have x amount of these..... this list goes on and continues and before you know it you are breathing your last breath and you realise that you never got there (because the list kept growing) and you didn't enjoy the journey and you forgot to choose to be happy! 
Then there are those that seem unphased becasue they either just accept that life is how it is and is unfolding as it should or they don't really care either way.
I know it seems a strange way to look at people but ultimately it is true - which group do you fall into? What do you want for yourself in life? Write down your top 10 things and see which you hold in the highest esteem. Just think about this - if you are genuinely happy then all of the worries and stresses in your life seem small and insignificant, you have better health and each day is a true joy - you are truely 'wealthy'! You have more riches in your life than you could ever buy. If you are blessed to be 'rich' too then you are able to enjoy your money and not be consumed by where you are going to get more from.
If you are 'rich' then it doesn't always equate to happiness and money can't make you happy - only you can. You may spend your whole life trying to make that million to find that you still aren't happy and you really needed to be looking inside yourself the whole time and developing your own riches.  So next time you are thinking about what to do next what step to take in life - perhaps you should think to yourself... 'which direction is going to bring me the most joy and perhaps this is truely the 'best decision' you can make for yourself.

You are your greatest asset - tke the time to invest in yourself and see the returns enrich your life!