Daily Loving March 06 2015

Every day we wake up and open our eyes, we get out of bed and begin a series of tasks, of moments that when combined fill our entire waking day until it's time again to rest our head on our pillow and close our eyes again.
How many of these tasks or moments do you approach with Joy and Love? How many do you approach with resentment and frustration? Would you say that you achieve negativity in even 50% of your day?? Have a think about it.
Most of us would be shocked to do a personal mood audit and see exactly where we are 'spending' our energy and how much of it is actually negative. Try this just for one day and see where it gets you. Take a pen and notepad with you throughout your day and every hour take 5 mins to reflect on how you have felt about the tasks that you have engaged in and whether you have felt good, bad or indifferent. At the end of the day add up each mood or emotion and see which column is the biggest.

Changing your attitude...

Now that you are aware or the emotions that dominate the majority of your day you can take action to rectify them! The first step is to reprogramme your attitude with grattitude! When you wake first thing in the morning and before you fall asleep at night make a list in your head or better yet in a diary of all of the things that you are gateful for! The easist and best one that i can think of first thing in the morning is "I am grateful that i woke up and am alive today!" . You may like to select a body part that you feel emotionally negative about and show gratitude towards that part of your body for example - " I am grateful that i even have a belly that provides a home for my stomach."
Now you can take this appraoch to everything that you do. You may for example be asked to do a task a work that you do not like and instead of filling that experience with negativity you can fill it with gratitude and eventually love.
"i am grateful that i have been given the opportunity to learn patience (whatever it is for you) and to be paid for my services whilst learning!"
Once we have learnt to view our experiences differently we can begin to fill our lives with more loving experiences. Perhaps you may decide to make your partner their favourite meal mid week and surprise them with lots of warm hugs and greetings when they enter the home. You may give everyone close to you a loving text message just to say 'I Love you'.
Try paying for a strangers coffee and see how wonderful it makes you feel!
Pretty soon you will begin to fill your heart and soul overjoyed with acts of love and anytime you begin to feel emotionally negative about a situation you will notice, stop yourself and look for ways to achieve more love!
And never forget  - that you always get back what you put out there. If you are genuine in all of your actions and selfless in your days kindness is sure to come your way.