Meditation April 03 2015

To be able to empty the mind of thought and control the breath allows the busiest organ in our body to relax and rejuvenate - our brain!
Without the opportunity to relax the brain can not function to it's highest potential.
How many of you forget where you have put your keys? Can't make a decision about anything? Don't remember peoples names? Can't sleep properly?
Your brain needs a break! Try meditating for just five minutes a day and see how  refreshed and clear you feel.
Clarity - isn't that what we are all aiming for in this murky pond we call life. Meditation can help you to turn the filter on in your pond - give the fish and plants some oxygen and breathe new life.
Try this quick meditation for a 5 min pick me up.

Sit or lay in a comfotable position. Close your eyes and focus on your breath... breathe slowly in and out through your nose.
With each inhalation take your attention to a different part of your body starting at your head and working your way down. As you exhale mentally make a note of relaxing that part of your body. For example;
Inhale - focus on your head and face
Exhale - relax all of the muscles in your face allowing your jaw to drop slightly
Inhale - focus your attention on your neck and shoulders
Exhale - allow your shoulders to drop and release
Continue your breathing and relaxation until you reach your feet. Once you have made an effort to relax each section of your body take a few moments to return to focussing just on your breathing. Slowly wiggle your toes and fingers and open your eyes and notice how good you feel.

Take the time to honor and reward yourself daily with meditation. Plant the seeds and your garden will grow with a little love, food and water!