Spiritual Awakening July 22 2015

In Yoga there is much talk in our sacred texts about spiritual awakening or Kundalini rising as a result of an openness and readiness to begin an ascension. It is in fact the entire purpose of Yoga as an eight fold path to find peace and enlightenment. Of course just practicing Asana is only one small part of this practice and for most people only a form of exercise. And of course - there are certainly no guarantees that one will ever be ready for such a process. But this is all rather mystical and ominous isn't it?? While the reality remains that some folks out there are naturally high vibin' and others not so much. 
So what is all this about? A rather hot topic at our first residential retreat on the weekend... what is spirituality and what does it mean for me? Well..... let me begin with the fact that it only means what you want it to mean. It is our comparison of ourselves to other beings that is the greatest cause of our suffering. Learning to be spiritual does not mean that you have to undergo some sort of rigorous, laborious boot camp of the soul laden with cathartic moments and atomic bombshells dropped all over every aspect of your life. Why should it? After all, aren't we connecting to the beautiful highest divine that is already within us? Why does this need to be a destructive force? 
Now I recognise that for some people this is a necessary evil but for me, I am choosing as much grace as I am allowed.
So here it is folks..... I am a Yogi, I practice, I meditate, I try to consciously raise my kids and lead an entirely normal life in the 'world'. I yell, I lose my cool, and I have epic fails almost certainly on a daily basis. I am cheeky and sassy, and most definitely fiery, when i laugh my whole body laughs and sometimes so much so that i snort but when I come to class and when I guide you, you get the zen version of me... I am still happy but chilled and that is what I bring to space for you and for myself. But I need you to know that I am real, perfectly imperfect, I tell it how it is and yes I am still a Yoga teacher. I don't live in a bubble of bliss, my life also has its challenges and still, I show up on my mat and give you my best. A spiritual path does not mean that you have to take it all so seriously. We shouldn't be adding it to the list of things that we do in the day, weighing ourselves down with the 'enormity' of it all. We are headed for bliss - that is what enlightenment is so why does the journey have to be so heavy? Shed the weight and the burden of it all. Stop taking yourself so seriously. Learn to laugh, learn to smile and learn to bring joy to your space.
If you manage to bring some mindfulness to your days, perhaps a little more breath and determination or confidence because of your practice then it is done. Consider yourself on the path. After all it is simply about being a better person, being present and finding some inner peace. My favourite saying..... if you can't smile in your asana you need to wind it back a notch. you have gone way too far....
Peaceful transitioning my shiny happy Yogis. Keep it light!
With love,