Self Awareness July 30 2015

What is it to be fully self aware? What does it mean for you and your daily living and the way in which you conduct yourself in the world? How does it relate to Yoga and what can Yoga do to aid in this process?

Self awareness is the ability to see your own beauty and flaws. It is ones own ability to look deep within and know your triggers, accept your human frailty and work with your strengths. It is not a cathartic process of peeling back the layers of your individualism in order to 'fix' the problems. It isn't demolition time for the soul. It is treading lightly with yourself and understanding yourself on a deep level, forgiving yourself any exceptions and being in gentle observance of the uniqueness that is truly you. I know that i have said it before and i will say it many times again... there is so much weight out there in the world so much heavy, responsible energy. Being self aware is cutting yourself some slack and just allowing yourself to be when you need, retreat when you need and shine when you need.

What yoga teaches us about ourselves is exactly that. Observance. Who am i in this moment in time and what does this mean for me. When you enter into a posture and open yourself up, allow the mind to focus or quiet and return back to that breath there is nothing else in time and space, just you, your thoughts and how they effect your body and mind. Observing these thoughts and how we respond to the stretching of the self gives us amazing insight into who we are and where we would like to go. For instance if you enter into a posture and it is hard as they sometimes are and your body resists and your mind resists further by throwing anger at your body or the teacher or no-one in particular then this provides vast amounts of insight for the willing. Why am i angry? What is it about this situation that pushes my buttons? All i am supposed to be doing is 'being' here and yet i want to punch someone in the face... Perhaps it is time to reflect on what the real concerns are. Yoga provides us with the time and space to reconnect to ourselves, to slow down and allow the thought process to simplify and the ebb and flow of the breath to soothe the body in ways that not much else can. It provides the students with a bench mark for awareness and how and if we progress through it  - what happens over time and with practice. In the end the body, mind and disposition soften and the edges of life become much less sharp and abrasive. We learn to observe ourselves on and off the mat, we take confidence with us into the day and our body thanks us for it.

There is actually nothing to do here except observe, be mindful and see how this effects your daily living.

Keep it light Yogis,

Love Lina