Anahata Nada - listening to your heart song. August 22 2015

I often talk about the Anahata Nada or 'heart song' in my classes. The whisperings of your heart that if you quiet the brain long enough you can hear. The voice inside that guides you. The voice that if you are in tune with your being leads you in the direction of your ultimate fulfilment as an individual. Im not talking about that little voice inside that tells you to indulge every basic whim and earthly desire. Not the voice that makes ultimately bad decisions for you. Im talking about the one that on a quiet night as you sit and stare at the stars it whispers...'what if?'

When you are living in your alignment you find yourself guided by seemingly a force bigger than yourself. A force that mostly seems to have your back and be on your side. This is living in the flow, stepping into your fulfilment and this is you hearing your heart song. 

We all have purpose and something in our lives that if we were to be able to do it would make our hearts soar. The challenge is being able to find this mysterious unicorn and ride it every single day. But the first step for most is being able to quiet the monkey mind long enough to actually hear their heart song. We are so busy in our heads and rationalising every move that we make that it drowns out the voice of the heart and our 'unstuck sound' becomes nothing but a ringing in your ears.

I doesn't mean that you have to quit your job and go and sit on a mountain top somewhere in order to attain enlightenment and therefore be able to follow your hearts desires. It just means creating space in your daily life for the whisperings to be heard. How can you possibly live a fulfilled life if you don't even know what it is that you truly desire? For a lot of people out there it is basic needs things like job security, money, desire, possessions, clothes.... but these are nearly 'things'. Things that yes can make life easier but are not the whole point. things that only bring fleeting happiness but never sustained joy. So what is it that brings you joy? Do more of that... quiet your mind and find out what your bliss is... make time to get in touch with your heart song and allow the beauty of your own song to guide you.
So get back to that mat, do your asana practice, meditate, breathe and all is coming....