Balanced Healthy Living January 19 2015

How many of you have started the year with a list of resolutions or intentions to stick to and strive towards? How many of you will actually make it to February with that list still in tact containing everything that you originally put on it?

This year, instead of beating yourself up, instead of making resolutions that are so strict or out of your current lifestyle that you can't possibly keep them, try setting yourself up to win instead of failing.

I personally don't make New Years Resolutions. Why wait until the beginning of the New Year to take a step towards the person that you truly want to be? I get up every morning and say to myself. 'what can I do today to be the Lina I desire to be?'. Some days perhaps it is a simple as choosing not to have that extra helping of dinner, some days its walking to the park with the kids instead of working on my computer. Other days it is going to the really hard Barre class that kicks my butt every time but I know that I will feel so much better and empowered for doing. At the very least it is continuing to tread the path I have set out for myself. I continue to practice my Yoga even when I don't feel like it, I try to be kind and live a balanced life. No extreme dieting, exercise or fads in this house... just sensible, wholesome choices, education and continuing growth. After all, its not a race to get to some imaginary finish line, being active and healthy is every day for the rest of your days. Its finding a sustainable level of activity that you can commit to and make a habit of that will carry you through the years not just to the next bikini season. Its having a healthy approach to eating. Next time you see some 'diet' you would like to try, think to yourself 'can I do this every day for the rest of my life?' if the answer is no then its probably an extreme approach.

Part of this journey is also learning to be comfortable in your own skin. If you need to go on a liquid diet and run 20kms a day to be a size 8 - guess what, you are not a size 8! Find your natural, healthy weight and sustain it. Tone your body, do some weight bearing exercise for bone growth and health and keep your heart active and healthy.

Above all else, be kind to yourself! The beauty of each and every day is that you have the choice to start new - just take one step each day, one precent better each day and by the time next year comes around you wont need resolutions because you will have been living them every day.

See you back on the mat Yogis.

Namaste, Lina