Ekah Mala


Hand crafted locally from Amethyst, Carnelian, Swarovski beads, dyed turquoise and  a silver Hamsa Charm. A Tibetan style Mala with 108 beads plus marker beads and Guru beads.

This one off creation will bring its wearer balance between the sacral chakra (creative centre) and the third eye (insight, vision, intuition) allowing them to creativity manifest their dreams. Sometimes in any given situation all that is needed is a little perspective and a creative approach... With the power and motivation of Carnelian behind you, there is nothing you can not achieve.

This special Mala is a must for any meditation practice or daily wear.
With a beautiful drape and handmade cotton tassel, each Mala comes with it's own natural fibre hand sewn pouch for when it's not in use.

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