Lina Noonan

Lina Noonan has been in the Natural Therapies industry for over 12 years. Originally having gained her qualifications in Massage and Aromatherapy, Lina now teaches and develops curriculum in these modalities for the largest Natural Health Education providers in Australia. After completing her Bachelor Degree in Health Science - Musculoskeletal Therapies, she was left wanting to find a deeper and more accessible mode of healing for herself and others. Lina went on to study Yoga and Reiki gaining her Hatha Yoga, Yoga Siromani Level 2 teacher certification and Reiki Master certificate.
Currently undertaking studies in the Advanced Diploma of Ayurvedic Medicine (the sister science of Yoga) Lina is looking to offer a complete system of healing for herself and her clients.
Lina teaches a traditional style of Hatha Yoga class that encompasses both strength and flexibility for a complete and balanced practice designed to carry her students through all stages of life empowering each individual to fullfill their highest potential.


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Lina Noonan
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