Partnered Yoga

Pure Bliss Yoga is pleased to announce the arrival of a beautiful workshop - Partnered Yoga. This type of Yoga allows each individual to deepen their Yoga practice with the support of partner. This workshop is not just designed for couples but also friends - allowing each person to truly connect to the essence of Yoga -“Union”.

Uniting in posture with a friend, lover or someone new deepens your understanding of Yoga and of others. Yoga is a form of bonding with the self and the world and Yoga with a partner - breathing together, guiding and supporting each other, is a creative and playful journey that connects us to each other in the present moment.                                     
Practicing together encourages motivation and is an inspiring and interesting way to encourage health and wellbeing to flourish in your life. As we learn about each others differences we also discover our inherent similarities.

When: Sunday 6th November 2011
Where: 'The Medical Sanctuary', 150 Ashmore Rd, Benowa
Commences at 10.00am for approximately 2 1/2 hours.
Light refreshments will be provided.
Cost: $40 per person

To book please call Lina on 0415 992 239, payment can be made via direct deposit or in person prior to the workshop. Hurry and book quick as numbers are limited!