Health is the state when all of the aspects of the body are functioning harmoniously together. Yoga aims to realign the body, mind and spirit so that they are working together to create health and happiness.

Yoga is the union of our physical, mental and spiritual selves, it is far more than merely a way of exercising the body - it is a way of life. Yoga encourages us to focus our minds and become more aware of the internal flow of energy by controlling the breath, conditioning, stretching, and toning our physical bodies.

Yoga enhances your balance, posture and agility. It also aids in cleansing the internal body systems to allow them to function properly, for example, digestion.
An emphasis on breathing techniques allows the individual to engage in a more complete breath, re-oxygenating the body, clearing and stilling the mind. This in turn helps to reduce anxiety, emotional tension and mood swings. Yoga helps to bring Joy into our lives.
Most importantly, Yoga is a personal path of discovery for all those who practice it - its unique benefits and relevance will become apparent to each as their path unfolds!