Crown Chakra Perfume Oil


Crown Chakra | 7th Chakra | Sahasrara

This beautiful Organic Perfume Oil in made in Australia with love and the finest Organic Ingredients. This Perfume has been carefully blended and infused with Reiki to amplify the benefits. 

Each oil is presented in a sweet rollette for easy application. It will arrive in a beautiful calico bag and is boxed and wrapped beautifully for gift giving or simply as a gift to yourself. You will also receive a card which explains each oil and how it is related to the Crown Chakra.

This blend is designed to balance and open your Crown Chakra. Associated with divine energy, self realization and mystical experiences. Assists with knowing your true inner nature. Encourages comfort to express your spirituality. Discourages ego and assists to connect with something greater than yourself.

Colour: Violet.

Area: Top of the head.

Associated Organs & Glands: Brain. Nervous System. Pituitary Gland.

Balanced Root Chakra: Pure joy. Connection to higher realms. Wise. Compassionate.

Overactive Root Chakra: Craving attention. Overly erotic. Addicted to spirituality.

Underactive Root Chakra: Often misunderstood. Denying spiritual connection. Can’t have fun.