Third Eye Chakra Perfume Oil


Third Eye Chakra | 6th Chakra | Ajna

This beautiful Organic Perfume Oil in made in Australia with love and the finest Organic Ingredients. This Perfume has been carefully blended and infused with Reiki to amplify the benefits. 

Each oil is presented in a sweet rollette for easy application. It will arrive in a beautiful calico bag and is boxed and wrapped beautifully for gift giving or simply as a gift to yourself. You will also receive a card which explains each oil and how it is related to the Third Eye Chakra.

This blend was designed to balance and open your Third Eye Chakra. Assists perception and intuition. Encourages comfort with new ideas. Assists beliefs to develop and evolve. Promotes the mind to be more open to psychic, energetic and spiritual concepts.

Colour: Indigo.

Area: Above the eyes. Centre of the forehead.

Associated Organs & Glands: Pineal Gland. Eyes. Nose. Ears. Skeletal System.

Balanced Root Chakra: Charismatic. Intuitive. Good decision maker. Good at meditation and concentration.

Overactive Root Chakra: Worried. Overly analytical. Lives in dream world. Highly sensitive. Overactive imagination.

Underactive Root Chakra: Can be influenced easily. Doubts own decisions. Unsure of purpose.